How To Achieve The Perfect Balance Between Comfort And Efficiency.

Keeping your whole house comfortable and energy efficient can be a challenge. And when you add the comfort preferences of different family members into the mix, your home can quickly turn into a patchwork of inefficiency and temperature extremes. But fear not, there is a way that you can take control of this comfort conundrum—and [...]

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Regulating Humidity Levels Can Help Protect Your Health, Home And Comfort.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “humidity?"  Hot, heavy, sticky air probably springs to mind.  But moisture levels in the air can do a lot more than ruin your comfort.  And they aren’t just a problem in hot weather, either. Normal humidity levels Humidity is technically the measure of [...]

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Prepare your home for fall | Energy Efficiency | Money Saving Tips

The rustle of falling leaves and the smell of pumpkin pie can only mean one thing—fall is finally here. Keep your home comfortable and energy efficient all fall long by making these smart and simple energy-saving improvements. Keep your heating system in good working order Fall is the perfect time for a seasonal HVAC maintenance check. [...]

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Why You Need Properly Sized Equipment

Properly sized equipment improves comfort and reduces costs, maintenance, and energy use. Determining the correct size of heating and cooling equipment is the key to achieving home comfort (temperature and humidity) and saving on initial and ongoing operating costs. Equipment can be either oversized or undersized, but most prevalent mistake is oversizing equipment. And believe [...]

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4 Ways To Pack Some Peace Of Mind On Your Next Vacation.

Getting away from it all should be fun and relaxing. But if you’re worrying about your home security during your vacation, you might not feel as chilled out as you should. Here are some useful tips to help you keep your home safe and secure while you’re away, so you can truly relax and enjoy [...]

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Controlling indoor humidity: a matter of comfort, health and energy savings

Just as the temperature shown on your thermostat, the relative humidity level in your home has a direct impact on the air quality and the comfort of occupants. Relative humidity is often underestimated: too much or not enough humidity can cause health problems, and even damage to your home or luxurious goods, in periods of [...]

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